The Office Space Mentality

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Office Space Fax Machine sceneUnless you worked for Google or Facebook straight out of college, chances are you’ve worked at a place at one time or another that was straight out of Office Space.

Annoying manager who doesn’t know how to manage people. Computer equipment, printers and fax machines that haven’t worked since the ’90s when the company purchased them. Co-workers who hate being chained to their little cubicles as much as you do.

But what people who compare their work environment to Office Space fail to point out is that Peter Gibbons, Michael Bolton and Samir Nagheenanajar did something about their brutal day jobs. Now I’m not recommending you go out and conspire to shave money off your company’s bottom line with the penny algorithm, but do something about your predicament other than bitch about it.

Go out and search for a better job. Talk to management about the lack of motivation and spirit and culture of the company. 

I was in the newspaper business as a reporter and editor for close to a  decade, and that was my biggest gripe with the industry. 

Too many of the folks at the top, in director and management positions, acting as if they were in the band on the Titanic — playing the same old song as the ship was going down. 

The reporters, who did most of the work and were the eyes and ears of the community and its dissatisfaction with the newspaper, complained to one another and even some of the desk editors, but few voiced their concerns at the top until it was too late. 

The newspaper was then left with folks who didn’t want to shake the boat in fear of being included in the next round of layoffs. So instead of looking out for the community, accepting new media and ramping up for the next form of watchdog journalism we expect from our local newspapers, the “higher ups” spent their time cutting everything underneath them in hopes of pulling the paper’s parent company out its hole.

Whether you’re in the newspaper industry, or the tech industry, never settle for status quo if you’re unhappy with your situation.

If you’re professional in how you deliver your concerns and are constructive with your criticism to management, or human resources, you will earn their respect … and, hopefully, help change the culture and mentality of your work place in the process.

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Why Do We Blog?

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Why do you blog?

It’s a question regular bloggers field from time to time, from folks with a preconceived notion that bloggers spend most of their days cranking away on a Comodore in their mother’s musty basement. (I’m an Altair guy myself.)

The way I look at it, everyone has a story to tell … even us nerdy mamma’s boys on our Comodores. Blogging, at least for individuals, gives you the ability to tell that story without any gatekeepers – such as a boss or editor who may want to water down your message or twist your words.

Blogging gives you a voice … and the web allows that voice to be heard by hundreds, thousands, even millions of people from all over the world. Read more »


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