Face It: You’re not a Six-Figure Blogger

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Six Figs BloggerSorry to break it to you, but you’re not a six-figure blogger.

Few of us are.

The Five-Figure Blogger, maybe, but it’s going to take years and more hard work than you’ll ever know (and even more luck) before you’re writing the sequel to Darren Rowse’s Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income.

Unfortunately, a majority of bloggers and entreprenewbies are still looking for their first three or four figures from blogging. (This just in, AdSense alone isn’t the answer!)

So before you quit your day job and expect to make “six figs” blogging, temper your expectations and know it’s going to take a lot of hustle before you start generating substantial income online.

I’ve been blogging since the word “blog” was invented in the late 1990s, and my online buddies still call me “Five Figs” as a running joke.

But I have been able to parlay my blogging efforts into some great online marketing jobs, where I’m able to blog away my days and help pay the mortgage and put diapers on the kiddos. And thanks to that online experience, I’m a lot closer to six figures than I was working in the newspaper business.

So I’m not saying you can’t get to six figures, blogging, because we’re still young and there are plenty of posts to be published. It’s just going to take time, lots of it.

But we’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Start Small

First, it’s going to take you either building your own blog, or writing for a blog network or company site that’s willing to compensate you for your posts.

There are pros and cons to both approaches, but you have to start somewhere. You have to create a name for yourself, and you have to figure out what works (and more importantly, what doesn’t) in terms of generating traffic, customers and income. And you’ll never figure out any of it until you try.

If starting your own blog sounds like too much work, start by writing for a site like About.com or Examiner.com, learn the ropes and see what compensation you can expect for being a content producer.

Once you get comfortable blogging, and come up with a legitimate idea for your own blog or online business, use that experience and insight to build a brand for yourself.

Sometimes it pays to blog for the larger blog networks and media sites. Sometimes the experience is the compensation, and you’re probably better off publishing your own content. But only you will know what route is best for your situation, blogging routine, and, more importantly, your lifestyle.

Keep Your Day Job

Again, don’t quit your day job … yet, anyway.

Maybe one day you’ll get to a point where you can choose the blog over corporate America, but in the meantime, you’re going to need to fund your business venture.

And you really do have to look at blogging like a business venture, because if you don’t, blogging will remain a hobby. Not that there’s anything wrong with blogging for the heck of it, I do it all the time when I have something to get off my chest. But if you want to become a six or five-figure blogger, you need to treat your blog like a business and do whatever you have to do to push that business forward.

For those of us who weren’t born with a silver iPad in our hands, that means putting in the work and investing in your business. And you can’t invest if you quit your day job.

Rather than turning up your nose at the corporate mentality, turn around your view of corporate America. Don’t look at your current employer as just another job, look at it as an angel investor for your personal business venture.

All it takes is a change in perspective, to make going to work every day more enjoyable and more worthwhile to yourself personally.

Get Your Hustle On

Once your business plan is set, along with the “funding” to take your site to the next level, then it’s time to put in the real work.

It’s going to take sacrifice and dedication, but that’s how businesses are. Fortunately for you, you’re going the online route, where the risks are nowhere near as substantial as starting up brick-and-mortar businesses in our current economy.

The challenging part of online business is the grind, cranking out content, promoting, online marketing, networking and handling the business development side of things – all by yourself.

But once you get all of those areas of your online business squared away, you’ll know you’re on the right track … the track to become a six- (or maybe a five-) figure bloggers.

Good luck on your adventure, and please don’t forget the little three- and four-figure bloggers when you make it big!

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