Finding Happiness

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I believe that everybody in the whole world is made different. I’m different than you are and my happiness is different than your happiness. But I’m happy not working for somebody else right now. … A lot of people feel sorry for me, living out here in the desert, living like this, but I’m here because I wanna be here. I don’t want to be at any other place in the whole world.  I’m just happy right here, doing what I’m doing. 

Leonard Knight, of Niland, Calif.
From the documentary Automorphosis 


And happiness is what life boils down to.

In fact, as corny as it sounds, I’ve had the following fortune taped to the front flap of my wallet for probably two years now:

“No one is happy who does not think himself so.”

For a number of years I wasn’t happy, a self-proclaimed “glass-half-empty kind of guy.” But as I grew older, and learned what does make me happy and what makes life complete, I found happiness within myself. 

When it comes to your work life, the same rules apply.

You have accept that you can in fact be happy in the corporate world, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be happy “working for the man” if you’re enjoying life and doing something you believe in.

You just have to find something you believe in in the corporate world. That’s the tricky part.


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