Why SEO Should be the Top Priority for Your Site

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What is the most important thing you can do for your blog or website?
1. Produce top-notch creatives, images and a customized theme that’s aesthetically pleasing and separates you from the competition.
2. Write amazing content for your blog and critical landing pages.
3. Complement that writing with great videos, podcasts and photo galleries.
How about none of the above.
Even if you’ve spent thousands of dollars and hours on your website’s design and content, people still might not find your website unless you’ve optimized your site for search. And if you don’t focus on search engine optimization, and injecting relevant keyword phrases into your content, you could be wasting your time and money.
Needless to say, it’s important to keep SEO in mind with everything you do, researching keyword phrases and thinking about the search terms readers would use to stumble upon your post in Google.
Once you identify those keywords, get them in the title and first couple sentences of your post, as well as in relevant tags and image data.
Keep in mind Google’s search bots are just that, computers. They’re not human, so they don’t get puns or really crafty headlines. They only understand keywords and the links that point to your content, which are essential a popularity vote for that piece of work you’ve created.
Without the proper keywords, your content won’t be found via search, and on some sites, search traffic can be as high as 90 percent of traffic.
But the SEO doesn’t stop there.
Then there’s the technical side of SEO.
• Making sure your RSS feed is syndicating content to the Google’s Blog and/or News search indexes, Bing, Feedburner and Twitterfeed, which can automatically distribute your content to Twitter and Facebook (if you don’t the mind automation).
• Building an xml sitemap and letting Google know about it in Webmaster Tools.
• Setting up your page URLs and titles to include post/page titles as well as other keywords that stem from either categories or tags.
• Using keywords in the text of headers, taglines, tags and image titles, as well as in your image captions, filenames and alt text.
It’s a lot to think about your first time going through the checklist, but the more you SEO, the more it’ll become habit with everything you post.
And the better you optimize your site, the more likely folks are going to find it and enjoy the crafty creatives and content you publish there.

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